We have significantly contributed to the high security printing industry. Dedicating ourselves to improving the security and functionality of banknotes and other security documents, while at the same time optimising production costs.


1956 - Vienna

Gualtiero Giori presented the first prototype of the very first Simultan. He wanted them to be able to see and understand all the phases necessary for the design and printing of fiduciary papers.

The very first Simultan

1960 - Lausanne

The Engineering Department was established for design of banknote printing facilities.

1965 - Lausanne

The joint venture with Thomas De La Rue to formed De La Rue Giori.


The first ever demonstration event at the World Exhibition

1982 - Lausanne

The Printing Demonstration Centre opened 

2001 - Lausanne

After 50 years of partnership, KBA Group acquires De La Rue Giori to become KBA-GIORI

2004 - Lausanne

First ever Banknote Horizons event 

2008 - Lausanne

Second Banknote Horizons event

2012 - Lausanne

Third Banknote Horizons event

2016 - Lausanne

Fourth Banknote Horizons event

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