• Focusing on the specific challenges our customers face is central to our new approach.

    Smart solutions allow us to combine proven modular systems with newly developed expert services to offer customers even more value.

Designed designed to ensure that customers enjoy the best in high security printing – from a partner with the experience to deliver it. Specifically, we aim to deliver benefits in two key areas:

  1. To deliver a competitive total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a customer's Smart Solution
  2. To give reassurance that all customer needs will be taken care of - today and tomorrow

Expert Services

A comprehensive suite of newly developed Expert Services help us add even more value when working with our customers. They help maximise the full potential of our Modular Systems and ensure our partnership continues to deliver long into the future.


These are system-centric services designed specifically to maximise the production potential of a system.

An example is our new Enhanced Customer Service. One central number, a ticketing tool, dedicated support teams and optimised processes will help us better handle all support calls. It will allow us to track status, improve response time and build a knowledge database to constantly improve the quality of our responses.


These are services designed to assist customers throughout the entire lifetime of our business partnership.

An example is Forensic Analysis – at our laboratory, KBA-NotaSys specialists allow Central Banks and law enforcement agencies to test new designs and materials against counterfeiting.

Modular Systems

Our Modular Systems are designed to integrate seamlessly, ensuring production environments can evolve to meet future demands – without unnecessary expenditure. This helps keep costs to a minimum.

We are proud of our reputation for production reliability. But when things do not go as planned, innovative design features enable simple system access, easy maintenance, and less downtime.

Secure Platforms

To meet the full range of high security printing requirements, KBA-NotaSys offers five independent Secure Platforms. Our Modular Systems are all drawn from these Secure Platforms.

Offset is the base printing technology used in all banknotes in circulation. The offset design should exploit the precision provided by the printing press through the full utilisation of our specialist security design software. This process efficiently creates highly secure features like multi-colour see-through, Simmark and SUSI Flip™. The printing press has been developed around the operator, improving ergonomics and reducing downtime.

Screen printing is especially suitable for the application of thick ink films on banknotes, particularly optically variable and iridescent inks. The inks are highly valuable so it is imperative they are applied in the most efficient way. KBA-NotaSys offers the full range of auxiliaries and services to optimally use the benefits of this platform.

Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) are used on many banknotes in circulation and can be applied in the paper mill or the print works. In order to reduce waste and increase security by underprinting and overprinting, the print work is the place of choice. The dedicated application platform of KBA-NotaSys ensures the most effective application of OVDs both in strip and patch format. We continually work with our partners to push this technology forward.

Our 60 years’ experience allows us to support you in the creation of true security. The latest generation of Intaglio presses creates savings of up to 15% in ink consumption, while at the same time, our wiping solution’s recycling system dramatically reduces environmental impact.

The use of smart numbering boxes dramatically increases the efficiency of the process. The integration of full-sheet inspection, numbering and varnishing, reduces the needs for labour, storage and space.

Providing the means to finish, cut and package banknotes through the integration of powerful technology in a seamless workflow.

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